Long Time No Post – LOL

So I've been an extremely busy bee bettering me lol. Dropped some weight, bad habits and self esteem issues and picked up a new lease on life. How have all of you been?


Big Time Discounts

Only $12 with code 50HHQNPJ (code works on several of their other clothing items as well) Look cute for half the price ^_^ https://amzn.to/3zBapaz As low a $11 with code 30KNIFE7 https://amzn.to/2WoTqKn HUGE DISCOUNT!! - Medium and large sizes only $3.78 with code 70RLXI7I https://amzn.to/3i2Tfgb As low as $4.75 with code 70UC4BVM - You can't… Continue reading Big Time Discounts

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Discounts Galore!

https://amzn.to/3zeNn9k - Still $75 until midnight tonight PDT with discount code 70F61LGK Snag this pull up bar for only $35 with promo code 502ZF5A1 - https://amzn.to/3kFZgRP https://amzn.to/3itKCtY - Gooseneck Tablet Mount Holder for Bed - Only $8 when you use promo code 8061CPDQ Food safe markers one sale for $9.50 with the code 509ECR67 -… Continue reading Discounts Galore!

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Deals and More Deals

As low as $5 with code 55KIMCHIMAYO https://amzn.to/3wpk7uQ $3 with code 50SV012CRP https://amzn.to/3dWBkp8 $25 with code: 404HMOOC https://amzn.to/3hoz248 $25 bucks with code XS4F2ZSF https://amzn.to/3hTub9U


Normalize Improving & Loving Yourself

I am spending more and more time doing things and engaging in activities that improve me as a whole. As I approach the big 5-Oh, I've gotten excited about the type of person I see myself becoming by that point. Even if it's a few small things work in more ways to improve yourself. You'll… Continue reading Normalize Improving & Loving Yourself

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Poly and Gel Nail DIY

Fact - I love having my nails done but I'm not fond of the cost. In my area getting gel nails is around 40 bucks. Not crazy by any means but more than I wanna spend (because I'm frugal like that) plus with the current social restrictions and health concerns I have zero interest in… Continue reading Poly and Gel Nail DIY

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Out The Front Door

There's nothing quite like waking up to a breathtaking view every day... just knowing you can open the front door and see the Sangre de Cristo Mountains anytime you want is a little slice of heaven.

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Relaxation and Snack Time

  I am not much for snacking (I'm down 30+ pounds so snacking is something I gave up for the most part)  but when I do, I have a few go to items and these Wasabi and Soy Almonds from Blue Diamond are most definitely one of them. If there was ever a match made… Continue reading Relaxation and Snack Time


The Beauty Of The Mountains

Nothing quite like waking up to a sight like this in the morning. It will really spoil a person and fuel their soul. I know that's exactly what it did for me. Do you really need anything more than this view and a good cup of coffee? Here's looking at you mother nature and Folgers… Continue reading The Beauty Of The Mountains

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I Like Big Butts, Usually

I just have a little rant, and I thought I’d share it with the world wide web.  I have had company this weekend and I had plans to cook a large pork butt in my smoker. Now, cooking outdoors is not a novel idea to me. I usually use either the grill or the smoker… Continue reading I Like Big Butts, Usually