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Relaxation and Snack Time

I am not much for snacking (I’m down 30+ pounds so snacking is something I gave up for the most part)  but when I do, I have a few go to items and these Wasabi and Soy Almonds from Blue Diamond are most definitely one of them. If there was ever a match made in taste bud heaven it’s this one. It’s one of those snacks that I can find myself elbow deep in the bag before I even realize it if I’m not careful. 


My sock covered toes look so cute in this picture.
Thank you Hanes
Okay having these things in my lap is not the way to enforce moderation. Let me try something…
Crazy comfy and slimming leggings Here
Cozy quilt Here

Naaaahhh 37 yummy little wasabi and soy nuts later I must admit that didn’t work either so these are going to have to go back on the counter so at the very least I have to get off the couch and out from under my beloved Coast to Coast quilt to get more! It’s the little things right? – heh heh

Not wanting to go out?
You can snag the almonds HERE
Much better – on the counter and only a few in a bowl before I put the bag away. I’m going to try crushing these up and adding them to a few recipes… I think the possibilities are endless! 



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9 thoughts on “Relaxation and Snack Time

    1. It’s rough eating healthy especially during this pandemic, one of the things we all have time to do now is cook delicious high calorie food 🀣🀣 I’ve recently started making butter lololol πŸ˜‚


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