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Poly and Gel Nail DIY

Fact – I love having my nails done but I’m not fond of the cost. In my area getting gel nails is around 40 bucks. Not crazy by any means but more than I wanna spend (because I’m frugal like that) plus with the current social restrictions and health concerns I have zero interest in going out in public for something like that.

With that being said – my daughter and I decided to DIY our nails. She used a combination of the Aibrit Poly Nail Building Gel Kit, the Morovan Poly Nail Gel Kit and the IXO Gel Polishing Kit we had. I just went with the gel polish overall (even if she did use me as a test dummy for the first poly nail (I had a very jazzy thumb nail for a week – heh heh) I actually ended up loving the look of it but it was one of those accidents you end up loving and we couldn’t duplicate the look.

My One Fancy Thumb Nail – HA!

We sat down, poured some Tito’s Vodka in our lemonade and decided to make a night of it. (Calm down she’s 24 so it’s all good lol – no need to call CPS on me). Here’s a bonus – Crystal Light lemonade mixed with ice and vodka makes a tasty skinny cocktail. You’re Welcome.

It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it even if it did take a bit of time to do at first. She’s getting faster at it each time.

Second Try Building the Poly Nails

We spent an entire Friday night playing around with these kits in our PJ’s and socks trying out different colors. The IXO Kit comes with everything you need to create several nice gel color looks in one box. The Aibrit and Morovan Kits didn’t come with a light but thanks to the IXO kit we had two so all was well. I feel as if I must sing the praises of the IXO Kit because for the price you really can’t beat everything you get. Our favorite two things in that Kit were the Cuticle Fork and Pusher and the gel polish remover pads…those remover pads were quite the surprise as they have a moldable wire in them that allows you to wrap the pad around you finger causing it to stay put on it’s own! We want a whole box of those now!

If I had to pick a quibble with something in the IXO Kit it would be the wattage of the lamp and it’s rather short cord. It has two settings and neither one seems to be as strong/quick as our Joytii UV nail lamp that we have so it takes a bit longer for the polish to cure but that really just amounts to another 60-120 seconds under the light.

Anywho, here’s a close up look at out finished nails. They turned out great. It’s been a week and our nails still look just as nice as they did the night we painted them. Several people have asked us were we got them done. We answer with the living room lol.


DIY Poly Get Nail Kit
Jazzy Nails For Summer

19 thoughts on “Poly and Gel Nail DIY

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I’m new to using gel over traditional polish but now I’m hooked!!! This stuff stays on for weeks and looks great the entire time! It almost feels like magic having polish that doesn’t chip. Ages ago 25 year old me would have killed for this lol


    1. Thank you for sharing! It has saved us a ton and it also makes for a fun quality time activity that we can do together. You can find the full start up kit here –> for 40 busk you really can’t beat it! There are also links to the other items we have in the post but she could get going for less that fifty dollars!


  1. I love it. I don’t ever do anything with my nails but I always appreciate when other women do fun things with their nails. How cute.


  2. I liked the first one ombre rose most of all. As for me it’s the best one for spring and it looks amazing πŸ™‚


  3. your nails are beautiful . i also never knew of the existence of it , so will now take a look as i think that be ideal for my own nails kind regards Pati robins @ style squeeze blog


    1. Don’t feel bad my friend. I was years late to this party as well. Gel nail polish won’t dry on it’s own it has to be cured on with a UV light. It lasts weeks! I love it, I’m hooked! I can clean house and make art and this stuff does not chip!


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