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Poly and Gel Nail DIY

Fact - I love having my nails done but I'm not fond of the cost. In my area getting gel nails is around 40 bucks. Not crazy by any means but more than I wanna spend (because I'm frugal like that) plus with the current social restrictions and health concerns I have zero interest in… Continue reading Poly and Gel Nail DIY

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I know that we are all stressed out during this Covid pandemic and everyone might be on a shorter fuse than normal. However, I just assumed decent customer service might still be expected, especially when I “buy” your smile in the form of an extra tip. This tip was lost on the woman wearing a… Continue reading InstaAttitude

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Warrior II Drone by ScharkSpark

We had entirely too much fun testing out this little pocket drone. Especially my son (The Imp). He had this little gizmo all over the house (yes it is small enough to comfortably fly in the house). The Warrior II comes with easy to read instructions and outside of a few minutes charging time for… Continue reading Warrior II Drone by ScharkSpark

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Game Night Fun!

The weekend is here and we are ready for it! Nothing like rounding up friends and family for some food and fun! I never tire of playing games and with the variety of available games out there you shouldn't either. I've even found out that there has been a new spin put on some old… Continue reading Game Night Fun!

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VANDIMI Wide Calf Knee High Boots for Women

We love boots. It's a well known fact in our social circle that my daughter (The Sprite) and I love a nice pair of boots. At any given time we have two dozen or more pair that we are currently wearing around and bout town. Some people actually come up to us just to see… Continue reading VANDIMI Wide Calf Knee High Boots for Women

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You Win Some and Lose Some…

The funny thing about product testing is the fact that not everything is a winner or even close to it while on the flip side, some items really turn around and surprise you. I have to admit that overall most of the things that I have tried have been good (if not great) and also… Continue reading You Win Some and Lose Some…

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Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves and Goodlylife Activated Carbon Filter

The Gloves - These are a bit bulkier than I expected but they do work great. (Since I don’t have to actually touch the little cleaning fibers they don’t feel odd like the scrubbers I reviewed earlier this month found HERE) Since the silicone material they are made of is decently thick, they allow you… Continue reading Magic Saksak Silicone Dishwashing Gloves and Goodlylife Activated Carbon Filter

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Review: Silicone Scrubbers by M MOACC

M MOACC Silicone Scrubbers Non Stick Dishwashing Brush Kitchen Fruit Vegetables Dish Cleaning Pack 4 by M MOACC I am so very much on the fence with how best to review these. I say this because it made the following claims (in bold and my commentary follows) Material: Eco-friendly durable silicone - It is Eco-friendly… Continue reading Review: Silicone Scrubbers by M MOACC

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Review: The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo

Tracing Light Box, Veidoo A4 LED Tracer Light Pad/Box/Board for Artists, Drawing, Sketching, Animation, X-ray Viewing, Tattoo Transferring (A4) - Veidoo Sold by: Chaoxin This item arrived on time, intact as well as dent and ding free due to the excellent packaging, so kudos to the shipping department. The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo came… Continue reading Review: The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo

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Type C Headphones Sold By: LSHENG

Type C Headphones, USB C Hi-Fi Stereo Digital Earbuds Sweatproof In-Ear Earphones with Mic Compatible with Google Pixel 2,Samsung Note 8,S8/S8+/S9,S9+, Moto Z, HTC U11, Essential PH-1 etc Sold by: LSHENG I ordered this product and had several people try it on different phones with the C type port and it does not work to… Continue reading Type C Headphones Sold By: LSHENG