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A Few of My Favorite Things…

Hello there, all. I hope the holidays as well as 2019 has treated you well. Things were decently calm and full of much love over here so I have no complaints. We had a low key meal which focused on favorites and we only lost the dog under the excess wrapping paper for about an… Continue reading A Few of My Favorite Things…

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Happy Holidays!

Many thanks to all of you for your caring and support the last couple of weeks. I've had so much fun getting to know everyone. May you have a wondrous Holiday and may the season as well as 2019 bring you much peace, happiness, prosperity and joy!

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Merry Whizz-mas… and What’s Up With This Tea?

I’m sure you guys have figured out that I work from home. All of the things that the Nymph does from website testing, product testing, fiction writing and painting happily takes place within my four walls more often than not. As such, I am apt to take breaks to do mundane everyday things like laundry,… Continue reading Merry Whizz-mas… and What’s Up With This Tea?

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Halloween Hijinks

  It was a rare occasion but this Halloween the Sprite and I stayed in. No costumes, no booze nothing but the two of us and a couple of B rated scary movies. Life was swimming along at a lazy pace as per usual when a thought hit me and then the following conversation takes… Continue reading Halloween Hijinks